CAT6 SSTP Shielded

Category 6 SSTP


           Addressing demand on wide band transmission and gigabyte network needs or more, our CAT 6 SSTP / COMTEK is the only solution. SS/FTP cable constructions feature individually foil-shielded twisted pairs surrounded by an overall braid and enclosed within an overall thermoplastic  jacket as shown..

          SSTP consists of 4 pairs of 22-23 AWG copper with a thermoplastic polyolefin or FEP jacket. Pairs are individually surrounded by a helical or longitudinal metallic foil shield, followed by a braided metallic shield. Outside sheath consists of PVC, FRP or  fluoropolymers. Our cables utilize a more robust, fully shielded construction which virtually eliminates crosstalk between all pairs up to 600 MHz. A typical cable design  consists of four 23 AWG (0.55mm) twisted-pairs, each enveloped within a foil wrap. An overall braided sheath typically surrounds the four foil-wrapped pairs.A drain wire may be provided to facilitate grounding. Fully shielded cable types  are sometimes referred to as SSTP (“double shielded twisted-pair”)..


  • Each pair individual shielded to perform excellent protection against noise.
  • Four-layer extrusion (Skin/Foil Shield/Braid Shield/Skin) on insulation core to perform perfect attenuation.

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Part Number Descriptions
CK-120-6SSTP Comtek Cat6 Shielded Cable 500 Mtr/Roll

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